P.305.04.1103 / 50°9’N 8°39’O//.Lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Frivolous loa?ng. Musing. A thousand and one things that I haven’t gotten around to and absolutely must get done run through my head. Not in the mood today. There I go again. Untitled. The little spider on the ceiling scampers from left to right and then just as fast back again. Now she’s sitting a bit more in the back. Why she simply doesn’t fall from the ceiling how’s a guy to know. Even if she had a suction foot on her belly she couldn’t rush across the ceiling head down. She isn’t that light that she can remain stuck on the ceiling; she must have taken helium for breakfast and now be as high-pitched as little Oscar. Guaranteed she does special breathing – but should that be enough? Sucking in air with each breath would be the how-to. Why not? Sticky feet, tongs for legs or power-drill toes don’t do it for me and are out. Perhaps she just doesn’t think of falling down and stays on the ceiling that way. Pure mental balance does the trick. No, that’s not it – then she wouldn’t be running back and forth the whole time. Or is she brooding over the question of how I manage to stay in bed without falling on the ceiling? She’s just chicken that I will cut short my exercise (what exercise?) and crush her on impact, like the other day the ?y on the wall. Then it’s true. Untitled murder mystery.

Thomas August Gmeinder